Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

As someone who uses Instagram quite often, @limestar I'm a huge fan of the new features. Snapchat was interesting to me that it had the location filters. Instagram Stories doesn't have that yet.

I really like the ability to get much more views on your Insta Stories than Snapchat due to my following being larger on Instagram. In addition the discoverability on Instagram is so much greater than Snapchat currently, that I find that I'm just not going to use Snapchat anymore. So follow me on Instagram to see my BTS updates and me making coffee in the morning.

What do you think about Insta Stories vs Snapchat? Do you like it?

Getting it done

First post since moving from koken to squarespace. As a long time wordpress user I'm very curious to see how squarespace performs in a variety of categories.